17 Ways How to Save Money while Traveling. Travel Advisor.

How to Save Money while Traveling

17 Ways How to Save Money while Traveling. 


There are always a ton of hidden or special tricks how to save money while traveling.


Travel Off-Season


Travelling during low seasons and you will find better bargains. It’s best to go on a Caribbean Cruise after June. Visit the best beaches in Europe in early May, or in late September when the summer holidays are over, so that your flights will be cheaper and your destination will be a lot less crowded.


Buy Holiday Packages


Many hard core travellers might say that package holidays sucks and it is not the best way to travel.

But check out some of the prices first. Doing so helped me save a ton of money on flight tickets to Egypt, Bulgaria and Florida.

Sometimes you can get accomodations and flights for a fraction of the price when you book it through a travel agency.

It is also helpful when you plan your vacation destination to where flights are not so frequent, such as Cape Verde, for example.

For traditionally popular holiday destinations like Turkey, Florida or Crete, there are so many airlines offering flights to these places that you can often find a cheap package deal if you check around and compare rates.

Also, try to look for last moment packages. They usually come cheap, but they require you to be flexibile.


AirBnB and Shared Apartments


Are you visting big cities where you plan to stay longer? You can greatly decrease your costs with a shared apartment or AirBnB. Why?

You can always negotiate the price. Plus, you can save additional money by cooking for yourself.


How to Find and Book Cheap Flights to Anywhere


Compare. Compare. Compare.

And clean your cookies. Otherwise, you’ll get search results (and ads) for travel sites based on your browsing history, but they might not be the best deal for you.

Compare as many sites as you can, but at least try this one: Momondo.


Always Try to Find Round Trip Tickets


It is not true that one-way tickets are cheaper than roundtrip. Doing this type of price comparison has also saved me money many times.


Low Cost Airlines


Booking a low cost flight can sometimes be a real bargain, but you always need to check additional payments and fees that may occur on your credit card payment for such flights.

Always watch out for the maximum baggage allowance.

Another important factor is the airport location. Many low cost and budget airlines have airports that are a bit of a distance away from the city you plan to visit. So even though they may be cheaper, you’ll want to consider how much it will cost for you to actually get from the airport to your final destination.
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Charter Flights


Charter flights offer the same opportunity as Package Holidays.

At least in Europe, I know that you can often find some really discounted flights to some popular travel destinations this way.




It is a must. Many travellers underestimate the power of insurance. Make sure you have a complete insurance package that covers your luggage and medical costs. If you prefer adrenaline sports, please check to see if your insurance covers this, also.

I have a credit card that offers basic insurance for me and my co-travellers. And since I have to pay for flight tickets and hotel bookings anyway, I like to book my flight first in order to activate the insurance my creidt card offers. Although my credit card insurance doesn’t cover sports activities, so I’d rather use complex travel insurance companies like Travel Nomads. You can click here to order.


Take Your Credit Card With You


Normally, I don’t use Exchange Offices at the places I travel to because they usually add high commisions or have a bad exchange rate. I use my card at ATMs to save money in this way, as well. But please always check to see if your bank is adding extra fees to the exchange rates.


Local Transportation


If you travel to big cities and you want to explore by using a local transportation, try to buy long term tickets, like for 3 or 7 days usage. You can save good money in big cities, such as Paris or London.


Avoid Breakfast in the Hotel



Hotel breakfast is expensive and isn’t that great. So look around for a local cafe or bakery; sometimes a supermarket will also have delicious and inexpensive choices, as well. You can apply the same money-saving method for lunch. For example, in the Vienna supermarket on Mariahilfer Strasse, you can find a very nice and affordable lunch.

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Buy Travel Items at Home in Advance


Need flip flops, sunglasses or swimwear? Buy them at home and take them with you to save at least 50%, if not more. Otherwise, if you plan to visit Florida or Italy, for example, look for outlets or malls and you might find some great bargains.


Night Trains and Night Flights


Traveling at night almost always saves you money on tickets and accommodations. And sleeping on the train is really not that bad.


Sleep at the Airport


Even if you’d prefer a comfortable bed, consider it an adventure. It can be fun and it won’t hurt you to try something different.


Watch Your Mobile Calls and Data Roaming Charges


Ask your mobile provider what the costs of your calls and data usage will be in your travel destinations. I almost immediatelly switch off data roaming while travelling. Allow your smartphone to find free WIFI in your area–most hotels or airports have free WIFI spots.


Travel in Groups


More people travelling together equals bigger discounts. When you travel in groups, always ask for a discount. You will most often pay less for flights tickets, can rent a whole house, or someone in your group might have free cruises available to share. Don’t be shy of negotiatin. Negotiation is a must.


Be Flexible


Being flexible helps you save the most money on travel. Super last minute or special flight fares allow you to dicsover the world cheaply.


How to save money while traveling? Share with us.


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