The Ultimate Travel Guide to Munich

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Munich


Munich.The Bavarian Capital is attracting more and more visitors each year, so if you hate masses then this lovely city is probably not for you, but if you are prepared to be swept away with the crowd and are looking for historic sites, great food, nice people and tons of things to do, then this guide will help you get your first impression of the German economic tiger.

Coat of Arms of Munich

Münchner Kindl – Coat of Arms of Munich

Coat of Arms of Munich
There is no best time to visit, in winter you can enjoy Christkindlmarkt and nearby Alps while summer and autumn are best for beer terraces, Oktoberfest, and the English Gardens.

Oktoberfest Museum



Probably the easiest and the fastest way to reach Munich is to fly.

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You can also easily reach The Bavarian Capital from the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland or Italy by bus or train, which is a cheap alternative to flying.

Bus Travel

If you arrive with a car, consider P+R (Parking garages near public transportation stations) for your stay because parking is expensive.

Rolls Royce BMW Welt

Rolls Royce – BMW Welt(World)

Once you have arrived at the Airport, you can choose either taxi transportation, which is the most costly option (about 50 Euros and more) or you can use the well-organized public transportation, MVV, which will cost you around 12 Euros as the Airport City Day Ticket.

Lufthansa offers a bus between the Airport and Main Travel Station (Hauptbahnhof), with departures every 20 minutes and the cost of 10,50 Euros one way or 17 Euros return fare

Travel Guide To Munich


As mentioned already, the most convenient way to travel within the city is public transportation.

Munich City

In order to use it, you need to buy a ticket. You can buy a weekly ticket for a slight discount and you will also want to consider how many circles you need to travel when selecting a ticket; generally, you need four circles, which are covered by the Innerstadt ticket.

One great option to connect transportation and sightseeing or special interests is to buy the <ahref=”” title=”Citytourcard Munich” target=”_blank”>CityTourCard

You can also rent a car but do so in advance, because it can be really costly especially on weekends and special occasions.

To travel out of MUC, you can fly or again use cheaper option buses and trains.

Trains leaving from main train station (Hauptbahnhof) are mostly covered by DB, the biggest train carrier in Germany.

What about a train to Milan?

You can also try fast trains called ICE.

ICE Trains

Buses are really cheap and cover other cities in Germany and favorite places such as Prague, Zurich, Salzburg or Vienna.

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Buses are leaving from ZOB Hackerbrucke and the selection of transport providers is really wide, from ADAC Postbuses to cheap and reliable Meinfernbus, with crazy ticket prices such as Munich–Salzburg for 7 Euros.


Prices of accommodation in Munich are sometimes crazy. The best way is to avoid hype events such as Oktoberfest or Special Exhibitions; otherwise, you will pay more than 200 Euro per night in a good location.


90 € per Night

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If you want to have a cheaper accommodation, try the outskirts of Munich or Anzing.

Which location is great for accommodations?

Everything around Hauptbahnhof, main station if you prefer, is in close proximity to the city center.

Try to get hotel on Marssstrasse or Augustenstrasse because it is more quiet location, on the opposite site, Bayerstrasse, Schillerstrasse or Goethestrasse is too crowded and loud (but filled with ethnic eateries, groceries, and supermarkets).

One cheap choice is AO Hotel and Hostels; they are located around Hauptbahnhof and Hackerbrucke, main bus station.

You can find cheaper hotels around Arnulfstrasse, Poccisstrasse and Hochstrasse.

The Bavarian Capital has great public transportation, so don’t hesitate to book your accommodation outside the historical center, just make sure to stay close to a Tube station.

First impression

Clean (maybe not around the Hauptbahnhof), safe, historic, modern, and organized with helpful people.

Munich Art

There is something for every taste, great museums, shopping, galleries, amazing beer, history, city parks, sports, and domestic and multicultural eateries.

Jimmy Choo


Eating and Drinking

Bavarian Hospitality

Bavarian Economy 🙂

You can taste the traditional Bavarian cuisine, which was also influenced by Czech and Austrian Cuisine.

Eating in Munich

Menu of the Day – 10 €

Top 14 Food and Drinks to Try:

Obazda – Camembert cheese spread with a touch of dried paprika


Breze – old good Bretzel, try it with butter and chives


Breze – 1.10 €

White Sausages – served with sweet mustard and Breze

Weisswurst Munchen

Munich Weisswurst (sausage) – 2.99 €

Flammkuchen – German version of pizza

Reiberdatschi – normally Christmas food, potato pancake served with Apple Puree (crazy combination)

Haxen – grilled, crispy, fatty and heavenly tasty

Maroni – baked chestnut

Gebratene Mandeln – sweet or spicy, baked Almonds


Kaiserschmarrn – simple, sweet, and delicious dish

Auszogne – fried pastry

Leberkase – meat that looks like cheese, kind of fast food, highly addictive, cheesy variation is called Käse Leberkäse.


Grill Hendl – sometimes we forget that simple food tastes best – grilled chicken, crispy skin.

Fleischpflanzer – even if you speak German, you have no idea what it is, it is a Frikadeller, pan-fried dumplings of minced meat, but in Austria they call it Faschierte Laibchen, in Czech Republic or Slovakia they call it Fasirka.

Beer – liquid bread in Germany, brewed under the law called Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law)

Beer Law

Schorle – ultimate soft drink in Germany, made from diluting juice or wine with carbonated water, mostly you will hear about Apfelschorle (made from Apple Juice), but you can ask for any kind of fruit juice.

Normally 50% juice or wine and 50% Seltzer (Carbonated water)


Are you looking to save money on food in Germany? Then you should visit the groceries and supermarkets.

Probably the cheapest one that maintains quality is Lidl, followed by Edeka. Other well-known brands of food markets are Rewe, Karstadt, Kaufhof, Tegelmann or HIT.

For people living healthier there is Veganz or Basic Bio.

At the airport, you can find an Edeka supermarket, which is open from 5:30 until 24:00.

Bear in mind that on Sunday most shops are closed.

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Around Hauptbahnhof on Goethestrasse, you can find Turkish supermarkets Cavusoglu or Verdi (try Kebap here) with Halal meat, Borek, Pastirma, Sucuk, Flatbread or Baklava

Turkish Food
Turkish Food – 6.70 €

Hauptbahnhof (Main train station) – universal food hub from early hours until evening.


First food stall and bakeries you will find near train platforms and the rest are hidden in the underground on the way to the Tube.


Here you will find here everything from fishes (Gosch Sylt), Donner, grilled chicken to minimarket.

Bakeries are an easy option; the cheapest one is Yormas, where you can grab Breze with butter and chives just for 1.10 Euro or Frikadelle Baguette for 1.70 Euro.

The assortment is followed by coffee, yogurt with fruits and cereals (big one for 1.90 Euro) and also well-known currywurst.

Ditsch Bakery is the best choice for freshly baked and warm Pretzels (Breze).


Simply the Best

Rischart offers fine sweet pastries as Kopenhagener or Kipferl (ancestor of the croissant).

You will find here also fast food chains such as Burger King and Subway, but there is always a better choice so take elevator steps down to the underground.

You can try Oliva (they say Munich’s best Donner – not bad, but not the best) with their Donner, Pide or Lahmacun.


If you like Asian cuisines try LeboQ, Asia Hung or fresh, tasty, and quite cheap Asia Gourmet.

Asia Gourmet

Fresh Daily Offer – 4.90 €
Scoom has fresh sandwiches, salads or wraps.

Another nice place to grab food is Karlsplatz underground (Stachus Passagen).

Try Indigo with Curry, Pommes Friends (great pommes frites with great sauces like Samurai) or crazy fast food called Bretzelina (Potato Puree and filled Pretzels).

If you want to eat traditionally, stop at Viktualienmarkt, the local butcher, and grab Leberkase Semmel or Münchner Weißwurst (White Sausage).


Butchery (Metzgerei)


Haven’t tried Fleischpflanzerl yet? Augustiner am Platz at Orlandostraße will offer you nice food and the best beer in The Bavarian Capital.

Are you looking for a higher gastronomy? Then you should look for Alfons Schuhbeck, Munich’s Star Chef.

Even if there are plenty of posh cocktail bars the best thing here is the beer.

It is brewed according to German Beer Purity Law and served in a Maß (1 liter).

The most known are Paulaner, Spaten, Lowenbräu, Hofbräu, Augustiner, and Hacker-Pschorr.

Hacker Pschorr

If you are not feeling confident about trying different foods and drinks, consider taking a food tour

Food Tips


Suppenkuche Viktualienmarkt

Flusskrebs Sandwich Viktualienmarkt

Fisch Witte Viktualienmarkt


Fresh Handmade

Shoya Munich


Oh Julia

Pizza Munich


Hard Rock Cafe Munich

Original Legendary Burger – Hard Rock Cafe München

Hard Rock Cafe Munich

Hard Rock Cafe München

Choco Kebab

Choco Kebab – Tollwood

Milka World Welt

Milka Welt

Milka World (Welt)

What to see?

There are two faces of Munich to see, traditional with Dindrl, beer and sausages, and historic sites or modern with multicultural cuisine, modern museum, posh nightlife and Munich everywhereist BMW and their world.

Top spots to see for free

There are some places where the cost of entry is close to a smile (about 1 – 2 Euros), but these sites will be on the paid list. Below is a list of places that are free as of the time of printing.

New town hall (Neues Rathaus)

The is the place where everything happens. Tons of visitors from all around the world meet here at this majestic neo-gothic beauty to watch the famous Glockenspiel in the Rathaus tower.

Neues Rathaus

Stunning views from the Rathaus top offers the 85-meter-You can access it only via an elevator.

Do you know that during Christmas Market you can send a post to Christkindl (the German equivalent of Santa).


This is one of the best places to meet people and get out.

BMW World (BMW Welt)

BMW Museum

BMW belongs to Munich like Pretzel to white sausage. BMW Welt modern building and Tower are probably the most photographed things beside Neues Rathaus.

Entrance is free, but you have to pay to enter the BMW Museum. You can easily reach it with the tube by exiting U-Bahnhof Olympiazentrum Station (not Olympia Einkaufzentrum).

BMW Welt

BMW World

BMW Vierzylinder

BMW Vierzylinder

Here you will find all current models ranging from BMW M Series to Supersport i8. Rolls Royce and Mini are also included.
Inside you will also find the BMW Shop.

BMW Welt

BMW World is the best place for the delivery of your brand new ordered BMW.


New BMW?

“Strive for perfection in everything you do” – Henry Royce and Charles Rolls

James Bond BMW

James Bond and BMW

BMW Bikes

BMW Motorsport

BMW Motorsport

BMW Cars


BMW Hybrids

And Future

BMW Motors

How It All Started


Once in BMW Welt you can also visit Olympiapark, a great place for sport, adrenaline, events or concerts. Architectural wonder with at about 4 million visitors per year.


You can enter the park for free, but if you want to experience sports or adrenaline activities like Flying Fox or Roof Tour it will cost you extra.(Guided Tours)

Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating

Olympiapark was built for the Olympic Games in 1972 and it is a popular place in Munich.

The Englischer Garten

What about a great day at the park, just chillin’ and walking around or you can enjoy a nice jog here.

Englisches Garten

The favorite Chinese Tower houses in the park one of the oldest beer gardens, Restaurant and Biergarten am Chinesischer Turm.

Chinesischer Turm

Green City Lungs of Munich are bigger than Hyde Park in London.

Englischer Garten


Love is in the Air

Christkindlmarkt is a Traditional Christmas market at Marienplatz starting from 28.11.

Munich Christmas Market

Stroll through the city center and smell the baked Maroni and Mandels, try some sausage or Reibersdatschi, and finish it off with hot wine.

Organic Sausage

Organic Sausage 🙂

Another great Christmas Market is located in the area of Tallwood (Theresienwiese) where Oktoberfest is held.



Once near the Marienplatz, try to visit Viktualienmarkt, it is a fresh local market for meat specialties and vegetables, and also a place where you can get traditional food and great beer.

Viktualienmarkt Munich


Walk within the city center

Take a walk from Karlspaltz to Marienplatz or from Marienplatz to Odeonplatz and you will find tons of shopping opportunities, beer halls, and old buildings.

Hofbrauhaus Brewery Munchen

Visit one of the oldest breweries in Munchen, which is not too far from Marienplatz and Neues Rathaus. This is an old era Hard Rock, nice beer, fatty food, and music.


Exclusivity has its own price, so be prepared to pay around 9 Euro for a pair of white sausages with bread (the same cost 2.5 at the Viktualienmarkt).

Frauenkirche (Women’s Church)

Where else can you see the Devil’s footprint? Where else in the City will you have the best view from above (yes, also Peter’s Church)?


Faruenkirche Muenchen

Unfortunately, both towers are closed till 2016.


If you have missed Oktoberfest, you can at least see the place where this world famous beer festival took place.


Take a tube to Theresienwiese or make a small walk from Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station).

Beergarten Munich

Hidden Secret

In winter, here you will find the best Christmas Market.

Top paid attractions

Olympic Tower (Olympia Turm) – my favorite

More than 200 meters high, the tower offers fantastic views of Munich.

You will reach the observation deck by a lift with a speed of 7m/s. The travel time is under 30 seconds.
Try to find Frauenkirche or BMW Tower.

Olympia Turm

Olympic Tower

In a small rock and roll museum, you can find various memorabilia from Madonna and Marilyn Manson.


Pop Icon
Adult Price is 5.50Euro

1 Euro Museums on Sunday

On Sunday, every state museum costs one Euro to enter (or even less).

Paleontological Museum Munich

Paleontological Museum
Near Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof), not that far from tube station Konigplatz you can find Pinakothek (old, new and modern), Glyptothek, the Egyptian Museum, Paleology Museum or Antique Collection.





Antique Museum

This is Sparta!
BMW Museum

View the entire history of the iconic Bavarian luxury car brand. Did you know that they started from the companies involved in plane manufacturing?


The museum opened in 1973 and has become the most visited company museum in Germany.
This is a must for every BMW fan; your heart rate will increase as you see all this cars and motorcycles.

BMW Munich

Different workshops are also prepared for children.


Do you know that you can rent close to every BMW model at BMW Welt?
You can also visit the BMW Plant.
Adult pays 9 Euro/6 Euro is discounted.
Alter Peter (Peters Church)

Another great possibility to see Munich city center from above, you just to need finish 300 steps.

It only costs 2 Euros to enter.

St Peters Church
Deutsches Museum

If you are tech and aviation fan your heart will skip a beat.

Wright Brothers

Wright Brothers – Where It All Began


Messerschmitt ME-163B KOMET

Planes Deustches Museum

Deutsches Museum

Deutsches (German) Museum is highly recommended for adults and kids.
Astronauts, planes, old ships and “like real” mining exhibition in the underground are awaiting you.


Adults pay €8.50 and children/students: €3

U Boat

Famous movie Das Boot? (U-Boat)

Munich Museums

And the hidden Secret

Apple PC

Old Apple eMac

Tierpark Hellabrunn

The first Geozoo in the world that covers a 40 hectare of natural paradise.

Tierpark Hellabrunn is home to 750 species with more than 2 million visitors annually.
19,000 Animals!!!!!!

Hellabrunn Zoo Munich
Family Card 30 Euro
Adult 14 Euro

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Munich Airport

See what is happening at the airport.
Where else can you also take Airbus A380 Tour (OK, it is not possible every time).
The Airport has its own brewery called Airbrau.

Airport Tour costs 9 Euro
A380 Tour cost 5 Euro Extra


The biggest inner-city castle in Germany.

Residenz Munich

Nymphenburg Palace

If you want to spend the whole day with the history of Bavarian kings, strolling through a wonderful park, and visiting a natural history museum then Nymphenburg Palace, one of the largest royal palaces in Europe, should not be missed.

In the castle’s park, you will also find other interesting things, like Badenburg, one of the first heated indoor pools.


From 14 Century European Art Masters to Monet and Van Gogh, Pinakothek der Moderne, Neue Pinakothek, and Alte Pinakothek will satisfy your art cravings.

Allianz Arena

Here you can find the Germany’s biggest club museum – FC Bayern.
Arena Tour will take you behind a scene of a football stadium.

Allianz Arena Munich
Combi Ticket will cost you 18 Euro.


Probably the main reason why you plan to visit The Bavarian Capital, but there is much more to see than Oktoberfest.

Massive event like this attracts around 6 million visitors yearly.

Oktoberfest starts in September (yes, surprise!) with the famous words ‘O´zapft is!’ or in English, “It’s tapped!”

Oktoberfest Munich
Love or hate it, you can find Oktoberfest Map here

If your stomach is still ok after all of the beer and sausages, you can also try some thrill rides.
One day Tours

Munich is great, but if you are looking for a day outside of the Bavarian capital consider these tips.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Castle that you maybe already know from Disney movies or from the Monuments Men. Iconic. Majestic. About 1.30 Hour drive from Munich.

Erding Therme (Spa) – Europe’s biggest spa world. Make this your second vacation.

Therme Erding

Zugspitze – The highest point in Germany and a glacier ski area. AlpspiX Viewing Platform will offer you fantastic views.

Berchtesgaden and Eagle`s Nest – Bad history but amazing view and landscape.

Ingolstadt Village – Outlet shopping near Ingolstadt. Their bus service (15 Euro – Shopping Express) will take you there in 45 minutes from Munich.

Ingolstadt Village

Herrenchiemsee – The amazing palace on an island. It is located on Chiemsee Lake, which is the largest lake near Munich.

Salzburg – the birthplace of Mozart and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Schachenhaus – King Tour in Mountains to King Mountain House

Linderhof Palace – The palace and its surrounding park are one of the most artistic palace complexes, influenced by Versailles. King Ludwig II has built many amazing palaces.

Konigssee – Wonderful crystal clear lake. Period.

Skiing in Austria – easy and convenient bus drive with ski pass included – Skibus

If you prefer guided tours, you can choose from Radius Munich Tours, Gray Line, Bus Bavaria, Sandemans Newmunich Tours or Munich Direct Tours.


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