Tropical Islands in Germany, near Berlin? I am not kidding

Tropical Islands in Germany, near Berlin? I am not kidding

Imagine one thing. You are in Berlin, Germany and it is ice cold outside.
Currywurst and Jägermeister cannot warm you anymore and so you are thinking about your last trip to Southeast Asia and all of those great beaches around.

Even if Berlin has really good flights anywhere, you don’t need to take a flight.

Rent a car or just hop on the train and in about hour you are finely there.
Tropical Islands in Krausnick. What?

Krausnick Tropical Islands

An artificial tropical resort in Krausnick, Germany.


The world’s largest tropical with sandy beach indoor pool and waterpark covering an area of 66,000 m².

Even better news, the exotic feeling creates a rainforest-like tropical climate with the humidity hovering around 64% and air temperature about 25 °C.

Tropical Islands

Can you read it? I told you. Air humidity 63.6%

This crazy idea started in June 2003, when Malaysian company Tanjong found out that they had around EUR 75 million free (including a EUR 17 million subsidy from the German state of Brandenburg) and bought a former airship hangar known as the Aerium for approximately EUR 17.5 million (original price of the hangar was about EUR 78 million).


Artificial sandy beach, palm trees, and orchids will do the trick, leaving you with the feeling that you are on an exotic vacation.

Tropical Islands Brandenburg

Beach and Sand
White Sand. The only issue was that was cold and not warm like in the Caribbean.

Tropical Islands

Tropical Islands Berlin

How much does it cost?

Adults pay € 36.00, Children (age 6–14) € 28.50 and Toddlers (age 0–5) are free
If you also want to use the Sauna and Spa Complex it will cost you extra (Adults pay € 36.00, Children (age 6–14) € 28.50 and Toddlers (age 0–5) are free)

You can also stay overnight, but you pay another fee.


If you need some comfort, it can be costly. You can spend the night in a tent, Asian inspired lodges or in a designer room. Premium lodge is about € 150.00 per Night, and, of course, breakfast is not included.

Tropical Islands

Asian inspired, feeling like we are in Bangkok.

Tropical Islands

Or close to the beach.


Simple accommodation, but free. Yes, the deckchair.

Staying overnight on a Tropical Island is an experience of its own; kids will especially love it.
When was the last time you swam in a pool at 3 am?


You will miss only the stars.

Berlin Tropical Islands

Visiting this unique attraction won’t come cheap, you should also count on higher prices for meals and drinks, but the whole park is a great place for families with kids and for experience seekers because you don’t have many possibilities to enjoy something like this, I think the next similar indoor beach is in Japan.

The architecture of the park is influenced by Asia, Africa and the Pacific. To find a park with similar architecture you can find one in Budapest, Hungary, but it is much smaller.

Indoor Water Park


Dreaming about Morocco?

Tropical Islands

Cambodia or India?

Kids want to have fun, and Tropical Islands has plenty to offer, from swimming to water slides, playgrounds and for the bigger kids you can try a balloon ride over the Island.


Water Park

Family Travel

Big or small. It doesn’t matter.

Once in Berlin or nearby, take your kids with you and spend some time, stay overnight, swim in the dark, take a balloon ride, walk around the rainforest, and sleep on a deckchair or book a premium room. Just have fun.

P.S. If you have more time and you are visiting Tropical Islands near Berlin, spend a day or two in Spreewald, you will have a wonderful there, trust me.

Planning to visit this extraordinary family indoor island? Let us know.
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