Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Croatia This Summer


Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Croatia This Summer


Croatia is really amazing and worth a visit. You can choose from 1,000 Croatian Islands and splendid cities, such as Dubrovnik, Zadar, Zagreb, Sibenik or my favourite one, Split.




Sailing in Croatia is a must. 1,000 islands are asking you to visit, so don’t hesitate. And some of the hidden beaches are fabulous.
Sailing Croatia


Croatia is the ultimate marina destination.


Crystal Clear Beaches


In Croatia, you can find the top beaches, and many are with Blue Flag. Clear water, pebbles and pine trees–what a great day!

Turqouise Beach near Karlobag.
Brela Croatia

A wonderful beach in Brela.


Filming Location of the Games of Thrones and Winnetou


I am a fan of Games of Thrones  TV series (and Modern Family). It was also filmed at the Trsteno Arboretum, near Dubrovnik, and in Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

Diocletian’s Palace in Split.


Winnetou is a western movie based on a Karl May novel that was extremely popular in Europe; it featured American actor Lex Barker as Old Shattrh, and and his best friend, an Apache Indian, Winnetou, played by French actor Pierre-Louis Baron Le Bris.


The movie was filmed in the Plitvice and Velebit Mountains.

Plitvice Lakes. Sorry, you can’t swim here; but you can swim at the Krka Waterfalls.


Mediterranean Food


Mediterranean food is not a diet, it is tasty food full of sun, high quality ingredients, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood.


Have you tried Croatians oranges, olive, figs, Prsut and Paski syr (which was voted the best cheese in the world)?


I spod peke is traditional method of preparing foods in Croatia; slowly cooked pieces of lamb meat and  seafood in a stone oven, covered with metal cover (like a big metal tajin).


I love Janjetinas Ražnja (lamb on the spit), Pleskavica (minced meat from the grill) or Frog Leg Rissoti.

Great food and perfect surroundings at the Cetina River near Omis.


The Nature


Velebit mountains, the largest mountain range in Croatia, besides scenic views, also offers great possibilities for climbing and hiking. Velebit was recognized by UNESCO, which declared it a part of the International Network of Biosphere Reserves in 1978.


The way you drive through Velebit to Karlobag is really heart touching, and the final decline to the coast requires some driving skills.


Krka Waterfalls is another of nature’s wonders. The highlight is swimming in an ice cold, natural pool under the waterfalls. Really, it is a must.

Krka Waterfalls
Dare to swim? I did.


Plitvice Lakes, which are extremely overcrowded in summer, offer sixteen turquoise lakes connected by a series of waterfalls. In 1979, Plitvice was granted the UNESCO World Heritage Status.


Avoid the summer months and you won’t be disappointed.


Plitvice Lakes
History and UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Croatia has 7 UNESCO Heritage Sites.


I have already mentioned Diocletian’s Palace in Split, which was built between the 3rd and 4th centuries by Roman Emporer Diocletian. After visiting there, go out and chase the sun and walk through the Split Promenade. Walk around and you will find history everywhere.


Sibenik is another great place to discover. Walk through the narrow street pass by the Sibenik St. Jacob’s cathedral (a UNESCO site) and finally, go to St. Michael’s Fortress, where you can watch the city from above.

St. Jacob’s Cathedral in Sibenik.

St. Michael’s Fortress, viewing Sibenik city from above.


Still Affordable


I remember the first time I went there it was a real bargain. Croatia still offers affordable vacations. Try to find a local apartment.  Croatian families cook very well from fresh ingredients.


To be honest, I never had a hotel room. I always opted for a nice apartment close to the beach. I like to travel this way in Greece, also, where there are a variety of accommodations.


If you visit the same place often, you can create family relations with your host and then vacation move to other dimension.


Food Festivals


Fisherman in their town of Koprivnica; Lovran Days of Sheries; Ceprljandska noc Ribarskih Ferala (Fishermen night lights in Ceprljanda) in Ugljan; or Festival of Local Food, Drink & Folklore at Biograd na Moru.




As the day ends, sit at the veranda and watch a kitsher sunset (everyone loves it).


Afterward, night begins; grab a nice dinner and a few Karlovacko beers. or some great Croatian wine.

Island Pag

Island Pag. No Photoshop


Culinary Tours


Taste the best of Croatian cuisine. You can start with Pelegrini in Šibenik; this restaurant is simply wonderful. They combine influences from Japan and France, but their core is meditteranean cuisine.


Konobas are a great way to enjoy the best of Croatian food. The best konobas you can find are on Island Cres, Bukaleta, Marasovic in Paklenica or in Konavle.




You can party high on island Pag or try to water ski. The Biokovo mountain range is the pearl of all the Dalmatian mountains, offering many great climbing routes.


My favourite adventure is Cetina canyoning near Omis.


The Cetina River flows into the Adriatic Sea.


What do you like about Croatia? Let us know.


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