Top 5 free attractions and things to do in Paris


Top 5 free attractions and things to do in Paris


Some say that this city of love, fashion, and culinary delights is too expensive to visit and explore, but with the right attitude, you can enjoy Paris for quite a bit less; there are a number of great free attractions and things to see in Paris.
Things to do in Paris


Paris on foot


Walking is a great way of exploring this historic city. While traversing by foot, you can soak in the charisma and atmosphere that radiates from this vibrant and stylish city, discovering the side streets and people.
You can visit touristy, but still charming Montmarte or take a nice walk from the Louvre to Arc de Triomphe.
If you do Paris on foot, walk along the River banks of the Seine and stop at the Bouquinistes, the historic Parisian tradition, where you can see old books, prints, maps or just postcards and souvenirs.


Parks in Paris and The Park of Versailles


It is free to enter The Park of Versailles with the admission to the French gardens. This colossal work was as important for Louis XIV as the castle alone.


You can leave the crowds and chill out in such wonderful city parks as Jardin Alpin, a stunning park with over two thousand different species, or in the botanical garden, Jardin des Plantes.
Behind the Sacré-Coeur, you will find Le Jardin Sauvage Saint-Vincent, but it is only open to the public once a month in order to allow the vegetation to take a rest.
Jardin de la Nouvelle is another stunning piece of nature in the vibrant capitol of France. This 1.7 acre park, hidden to the eyes of public, offers a calm area when you use stairs descending to the lower level of the garden.
Within the park, you will find a marble monument, The Dream of the Poet, dedicated to the memory of Alfred de Musset.


Food Markets in Paris


This is every foodie traveller‘s dream.
If you are looking for the real taste of the French capital head up to Marche Bastille; just North of the Bastille monument is an amazing outdoor market offering everything from veggies and fruits, up to fresh and roasted meats.
This is how Parisian‘s shop for fresh food and ingredients.
You can buy some great cheese and meat products with a baguette from a local pastry shop, and enjoy your food in the park.
As an organic lover, you will find three Organic markets offering top-quality produce, sometimes offering rare varieties of different kinds of vegetables, but don’t feel limited, you can also find a great selection of pâtés and cold meats.
Brancusi organic market is the priciest one; Batignolles market on Boulevard des Batignolles is extremely popular with locals, here you can find seasonal fruits and vegetables, and also other great organic foods, cheeses and jams, all straight from nearby farms.
At marche Raspail, you can enjoy organic market on Sunday; go for the organic wines and goat cheeses, which are available in huge varieties.
Free entrance to over 60 of Paris’ world famous museums and monuments. Free unlimited travel on the metro, buses, and RER within central Paris. Click here.


Pop up fashion stores, markets, and Vintage Shopping


Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton are recognized as luxury French brands all over the wolrd. Looking for a classy or vintage style? The Capital of style and glamour has much to offer.

Parisian fashion can be found at the following events and locations.
A few times a year, Hôtel Bohême, offers recycled and unique pieces on four floors.

Every three months, Take Me Out, is organized with couture stands and unusual workshops.

Every two months, Le Boutique Ephémère‘s pop up shop, organizes public sessions for the lovers of clothes and designer jewellery.

If you are hunting through vintage shops dont forget to visit, La Petite Fripe, the popular spot among Parisians offers vintage things everywhere your eyes look.

If you felt in love with 30s or 60s than visiting, a Mamie, is a must. Handbags, shoes, jewellery and glasses are available on three levels.


Free admission to Museums in Paris


Admission to museums such as Louvre or Versailles are free on the first Sunday of the month, but only from November to March.

Admission is free for disabled people (and the person accompanying them), the unemployed, students, young people under 18 years old, journalists with press card, EU members under the age of 26, and national tour guides.
Beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral is open daily, and entrance into the church is free.

You can also visit the Towers of Notre Dame Cathedral for free with the Paris Pass.
Paris Museum

These museums are opened free for all:
Maison de Balzac
Musée Cognacq-Jay – private residence with a collection of 18th century art.
Petit Palais – fine art with a large collection of late 19th and 20th century art, including Picasso, and Bonnard.
Musée Carnavalet – explore the history of Paris.


What is your secret tip to touring Paris for low costs? Let me know.


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