Top 10 Things To Do in Stockholm

Stockholm Sweden

Top 10 Things To Do in Stockholm


When I first came to Stockholm, it was not love at the first site. I was like, ”What am I doing here?”

But Stockholm gets under your skin.



If you really want to enjoy Stockholm at its best, do following:


Get On the Water


The best of Stockholm is the Baltic Sea. Hop on a guided tour, use local ferries (I was addicted) or just sail. It is all great. I spent the most time on the water and have really enjoyed it. Stockholm Archipelago or Drottningholm Palace–it is your choice.




Port near City Hall




Sailing around Stockholm




Drottningholm Palace


Things to do in Stockholm


Fountains at Drottningholm Palace


Be a Kid Again

Visit Gröna Lund. They have a tiny little amusement park founded in 1883 that’s full of merry-go-rounds and roller coasters. Occasionally, it also offers concerts featuring stars such as Damian Marley.


Grunalund Stockholm


Gröna Lund: a place where adults can be kids.




Junibacken, Stockholm’s 5th most-visited tourist attraction, where you can turn your fantasies on maximum.


The museum is devoted to Swedish children’s literature, but especially to Pippi Longstocking and author Astrid Lindgren. Do you know Pippi? She’s unconventional, assertive, and has superhuman strength.






Walk and Discover


Walking around is the best way to see the best.

Visit Djurgarden park. Get there easily from the city centre. Here, you will find several of Stockholm’s main museums. Go to the Nordiska Museum, or Skansen if you are interested in folk art, fashion, textiles and furnished rooms, and want to get a picture of Scandinavian culture.


Biologiska Museet


Biologiska Museum Djurgarden


Skansen Stockholm


Skansen open-air museum and zoo in Sweden.



Greetings from Zoo Stockholm.


Find the Best Ship


The city is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, so you will see small private yachts, cruise ships and light ships.


One ship is parked in the Vasa Museum is a ship that sunk after being on the water for only 20 minutes. You know sometimes sh**t happens.


Vasa Museum


Vasa ship model in the Museum, but you must see the original—it’s stunning!


Stockholm Sightseeing























Viking Line


Be a Dancing Queen or a Rock Star


Sweden is a land of great music producers. Karl Martin Sandberg, known as Max Martin, is a Swedish music producer and a songwriter.


He rose to prominence when he made major hits for artists such as the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and ‘N Sync.

Martin has also created rock songs for Jessie J, Pink, Taylor Swift, Kelly and Maroon 5.


Everyone knows ABBA and their famous hits, Dancing Queen and Waterloo.

If you are a big fan, visit the ABBA museum, a permanent exhibition in the ‘Swedish Music Hall of Fame’ on the island of Djurgården.

But Stockholm also offers a great live music scene. Rock clubs have bands playing seven nights a week.


From famous DJs (Swedish House Mafia), DIY, experimental music or a mix of jazz, pop, rock, salsa and reggae, the Swedish Capitol has everything.

Don’t forget to visit great music clubs such as Debaser, or Fylkingen, which is a converted brewery, for the best place to hear alternative music.


Stockholm Museums


This is definitely a place for museum lovers. The open air museum, Skansen, the stunning Vasa Museum, or the Modern Art Museum are all spectacular.


Art Gallery Stockholm


Sculpture outside the Modern Art Museum.


Eat, Drink and Party


Eating on the seafront is really a fantastic experience.


You can eat at Pontus by the Sea, and on a sunny day, this is the one of the city’s most popular places for a beer and a bite to eat, where they also offer the best oysters.


If you prefer a laid back style, have a drink at the Himlen Restaurant located on the top of the Skycraper.

Posh partygoers? Try Hotellet or Lydmar.


Buy great food at Ostermalmshallen market (I highly recommend it, as I am a passionate foodlover) and have a nice picnic on the greens, enjoying the land and people passing by.


Stockholm Weather


Everything tastes better with such a great view.


Get Surrounded by Nobel Prize Laureates

City Hall is one of Stockholm’s major tourist attractions. The Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm has taken place at the Stockholm Concert Hall since 1926, and the Banquet is held at the Stockholm City Hall (Stockholms Stadshus) .


City Hall






Rathaus Stockholm



Stockholm City Hall


Golden Room


Bike Around


The Swedish Capitol offers 760 km of bike lanes on 14 islands. It’s a great place for sport lovers. A third of the European Green Capital is made of park greens. The air quality in Europe is the best, too, so breathe and enjoy life.




Watch the Royal Guards Change


Watching the Changing of the Royal Guards at the Royal Palace in Sweden’s capital is fascinating.

It’s a popular event that takes about 40 minutes.





What’s on your Stockholm to-do list? Send me your ideas.


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