Kayak Cheap Flights: 7 Kayak.com hacks for getting the cheapest flight deals

Kayak Cheap Flights: 7 Kayak.com hacks for getting the cheapest flight deals
“Hacking” Kayak.com for cheap flights is pretty easy with these simple and actionable tips.

Don’t worry! I’ve got several small hacks that will let you find cheaper than cheap flights on Kayak without wasting your valuable time.

I will talk about little hacks that not everyone is using; sometimes even experienced travelers are not aware that these kind of things are available on Kayak.com

Learn how use Kayak to search the cheapest flights possible anywhere.

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1. Kayak Cheap Flights: Language mutation of Kayak

Flight Search website

This one tip came from other travel hackers and I use it quite often; I really don’t know why it works, but I was able to find a cheap business flight that was not listed on Kayak.com.

I used the Spanish version, Kayak.es and I have saved around $800. Not that bad.

Kayak Cheap Flights

Compared to the Spanish version.


This flight did not even come out on Momondo.

Momondo Flight Search Engine

2. Kayak Cheap Flights: Cheap Flight on Kayak

with Explore (flights map) and Anytime Search

Similar to Skyscanner Anywhere Flight search, Kayak offers Flight Map Explorer where you can search for the best flight deals anytime.

Just go to https://www.kayak.com/explore/

Kayak Explore Map

From the map, you can choose several flight destinations, that fit your budget. On the right side, you can even filter out destinations according to your interests such as Amazing Beaches or Ski Slopes.

You can also add nearby airports to slash your cheap airfares even more.

3. Kayak Cheap Flights: Kayak Hacker Fares

Normally this option is always checked, but go and check it, you can find it after you start your flight search, click on More and then you will see it.

Kayak.com Hacker Fares

Kayak Hacker Fares

What does Hacker Fares mean? It is quite simple; sometimes you will get cheaper flights if you book instead of round trip, two-leg flights, so you buy two one way tickets.

Kayak Cheap Flights

Kayak Flight search engine can combine different airlines to get the best flight deal.

You need to book two separate flights (two legs) with different airline websites because these two flights are operated by different airlines.

You can do it also by yourself if you search for a one-way ticket.

4. Kayak Cheap Flights: Flexible Dates Flights Search and

Nearby Airports

ITA Matrix, my favorite Cheap Flights Site Powers Kayak and also Google Flights.

Note: if you want to learn cheap flights secrets, then you need this. Learn how to use ITA Matrix and other great cheap flights sites. Click here.

You have two ways of being flexible with Kayak; the first one is available as mentioned in Explorer Map, under dates you can set up Anytime.

The second way is to use flexible days, just click on this option.

Kayak Flexible Days

Ok maybe you will not save thousands, but even $50-100 is ok if you can be a little bit flexible with your travel dates.


If you are ok that you will land near your final destination then you must include nearby airports in your search, so let’s say that you will not land at Miami Airport, but rather Fort Lauderdale, this alone can save you another 100 bucks.

5. Kayak Cheap Flights: VPN and Incognito flight fares


Many travel bloggers write about Incognito Flight search as the best way to find the cheapest airfares.

I did a lot of research myself and if you use Momondo or Kayak you can stay calm; they do not increase your flight ticket price based on your internet browser cookies.

It has only happened to me with other flight search engines.

What is pretty interesting, is the VPN flight ticket search.

What does that mean? You literally change your location (your IP address is changed with Virtual Private Network) and you can see the price drop, so you can book cheaper flights.

It is all based on Point of Sales, each country has different prices for booking flight tickets, so if you change your country, location with the help of VPN then you can save.

6. Kayak Cheap Flights: Add more than one airport to

your best flight search

Adding nearby airports or a location that has cheap flight connection to your destination can significantly decrease the price, just write airport codes in your search like I did here, FLL (Fort Lauderdale), MIA (Miami Airport) or MCO (Orlando)

Kayak Flight Search Engine

So Kayak flight search engine will pick the cheapest flight ticket from your choice of airports.


7. Kayak Cheap Flights: Set up price alerts to book

cheap fares before they’re gone

Don’t waste your time conducting the same flight search repeatedly, with Kayak you can create a price alert, so you can see if the price goes up or down.

You can create as many price alerts as you want for different locations and dates.

Kayak Price Alert

Ok, now you know how to hack Kayak to get cheap flights, go to kayak.com and find one.

If you found this helpful, show some love and share it.

What is the cheapest flight you ever found? Let me know.


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