Get Cheap Flights – 8 amazing tips and tricks to get cheap flights easily

Cheap Flights

8 amazing tips and tricks to get cheap flights easily


Did you know that 90% of travelers overpay for their flight tickets every time?

Are you also spending hours researching the internet and trying to book your air tickets with wrong flight search engines?


To be positive, 10% of travelers are getting the cheapest flights possible because they use easy and proven techniques how to outsmart airlines and flight search engine to show them the best flight deals.
Cheap airfares

You need to be smart and use the right smart tools that help you in the war against expensive airfares.

Learn how to get wildly cheap airfares even to the most exotic and luxurious destinations; you can check it HERE.


Cheap Flights Secrets? Flexibility


Flexibility is the secret code in the world of traveling cheap (even in First Class).

A small difference in dates can have several impacts on flight ticket price, from hundreds of dollars to coach up to few thousands for first class.


You can be flexible even if your dates are fixed, because sometimes if you use flexible search, you can get much better prices than if you search with fix dates, you have to start your flexible search around your fixed days.

In order to be flexible, you need flexible flight search engines like Skyscanner, ITA Matrix or AZAIR.


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Best Time to Fly and Buy


Have you wondered why you really cannot get low prices for your flight even if you checked every flight search engine out there?

For every flight route, there is the best time to buy a ticket.

Try to check Hopper for the best times to fly and buy or use price statistic from Farescout


Cheap Flights

Airfare alerts


Free airfares alerts are an easy option to find cheap airfares.

Sign up with one of these websites:








These sites are only the tip of the iceberg; there are many other sites available that can flood your inbox with super cheap flights every day, so you don’t have to spend extra hours of your time searching the internet.  CLICK HERE and learn more


Fare wars

Some routes on the flight map are extremely competitive. If two or more airlines cover the same route, it can often happen that they offer special prices for days or hours.


Example: On Route USA-Europe, Air Berlin, WOW Air and Norwegian Air fight for new customers.


You can find these fares online when you subscribe to flight alerts on sites like Airfarewatchdog or go directly to the airlines’ sites.


Round-trip or one-way tickets


Many people (even frequent travelers) book flight tickets like this:


Round Trip from A to B and back to A – in one ticket


But why not try to book one ticket from A to B and then to book the second ticket from B to A.


Sometimes is cheaper, sometimes not, but you would not know if you not try.


A special case can be one ticket from A to B and the second one B to C where C is alternate airport to A – For Miami alternate airport can be Fort Lauderdale.


Have you heard about split tickets?


Instead of expensive direct flights, you can split flight tickets in order to get the better price:

Example: Instead of Detroit – Sydney (Australia) try Detroit – LA (one ticket) and LA – Sydney (second ticket).


Fly To/From a Popular Hub

Some hubs have much better deals: in Europe, I am talking about Budapest, Dublin or London.


In the USA, there are more flights offered daily from major hubs like San Francisco or Los Angeles.


Afterward, you will need to book a connecting flight from your location to this major hub and it can save you hundreds of dollars, especially on long-haul flights.



Budget or low-cost airlines


Most of the flight search engines do not include budget or low-cost airlines in their search (there are exception like Skyscanner or Azair)


The whole list of budget airlines can be found Discount airlines


Let someone else find the cheap flights for you


Do you also do the same mistake? You are too proud to ask for a help.


There are experts out there, but you need to reach the right people. It is also great if you can do your own research before you contact a travel agent or someone via Flightfox.


Have you heard about Secret Flying?


These kinds of websites are chasing for the best flight deals or mistake fares.

Do you want to learn more than 77 amazing tips and tricks on how to get cheap flights easy anytime?

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