How to find and book insanely cheap flights to anywhere, anytime in 2017. Guaranteed.

How to find and book insanely cheap flights to anywhere, anytime in 2017. Guaranteed

Finding and Booking insanely cheap flights to anywhere can be sometimes overwhelming and time-consuming.

When trying to book the cheapest possible flight you don’t need to search hard but search smart.
I will show you a few tips and tricks that helped me saved this year $800 on the flight in business class and also how I was able to get 5-star airline flights to two destinations for only $280, the next cheapest flight with the low-cost airline was $395.
Let’s jump to it.

How to find and book insanely cheap flights to anywhere,

anytime in 2017. Guaranteed


1. Best flight search engines

How to choose the best flight search sites? From my point of view, the best one allows flexible searches, a multi-destination flight search or anywhere and anytime searches. Most of the flight search sites do not include budget, low-cost airlines.
My two number one flight’s search engines are ITA Matrix and Momondo
ITA Matrix offers you different ways to really get the cheapest flights possible, you can change the point of sales.

That is the important factor of how you can slash your airfare price; you can see the calendar of the lowest fares.
For the people redeeming points to buy flights with travel cards, there is also a price cost overview at the end where you can see all surcharges.

ITA Matrix Flight Search Engine

If you are planning to buy cheap flights to Europe you should definitely check Azair, a flight search site that is highly flexible and includes many budget airlines in their search.
If you want to learn how to master ITA Matrix and Azair to get cheaper than cheap flight tickets then check it HERE
You can easily access a super flexible flight search from different airports in Europe to major airports in USA without spending hours and hours doing it manually.

Ok here is your way to cheap flights to Europe from USA or vice versa.

Azair Flight Search


2. Language mutation of airlines and flight search


I learned this from people who search best flight deals for other travel websites.
The trick is that you will find your flight with a local website, so instead of searching with you go with, this is the way how I saved($800) on a business class flight that I could not find on and even
Kayak Cheap Flights

And Spanish version…….Yep almost $800 saved


3. When are flights the cheapest?

People waste hours hunting cheaper airfares because they don’t know when the prices are the cheapest.
You need to be smart.

The basic rule is to travel in shoulder season, for example for Thailand it is June, for amazing European beaches end of September or April, May.

Let the tools help you, I always check Hopper Reports for the best times to fly and buy.

Farescout is great for flight statistics.

You can also start a simple flight search with Momondo and then in the upper section you will see the calendar, browse through and find the cheapest months and days to get cheap airfares.
Momondo Error Fare


4. Airline error and mistake fares are the best way to

book the cheapest flights

I will be honest with you, this doesn’t happen that often.
If I find an error fare, I try to book it directly on the airline website.

Don’t buy your accommodation until your flight ticket is confirmed, you can check it here

Flight from Europe to Australia for less than 253 GBP is for sure a mistake or error fare.

Momondo Cheap Flight to Australia
What about business class flight with top, the five-star airline for 50% less than standard price?
Qatar Airways Sale

Amazing Qatar Airways Flight Deal

You can find error and mistake fares also via website as Secret Flying or Airfarewatchdog


5. Incognito search is dead; using VPN is the way how to

find cheap airline tickets


You can still search for the flights in the incognito window (especially if you are looking for a flight deals directly on airliners websites), but if you are looking for the cheapest flights on Kayak or Momondo then you don’t have to worry, I did several tests and the Incognito search has no sense for these two flight search websites.

VPN is different.
Because the price of the flight ticket is influenced by the place (point) of sale, any change in your location (even if it is a fake location via VPN)
Virtual Private Network(VPN) can literally change your location, so airline website thinks that you come from other country and your price drop, so when you are traveling in Thailand, you can change your IP Address to Thailand via VPN to get cheaper domestic flights.

6. Hidden City Ticketing

This is not the best way to get the best price for your flight ticket, there are many risks, but many travelers take that risk.

Let’s say you fly from A to B, if you ad C destination, your price can go down and you will miss flight segment B to C, because your plan was to get from A to B.

Ok, too scientific, you can check a travel website that is dedicated to travel hack, called


Some airlines add no-show costs to your flight ticket, so be careful and always travel with your cabin luggage only.

7. How to get cheap airfare with budget airlines

The idea of budget airlines came from Europe and I still remember the flight to Istanbul from Europe that cost me around $60(round-trip) for three people, at that time the standard price was somewhere around $800 per person.

If flying with budget or low-cost airlines then be prepared to land on the airport that is further out of town or city, but in some countries, it can be also the main airport like in Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you plan Eurotrip then flying with low-cost airlines can be cheaper than the train.
Budget Airlines

If you are looking for cheap flights around Europe then you can check Ryanair, Easyjet or Wizzair.

How to get cheap flights from Europe to USA and vice versa? Try flight deals with WOW Air, Norwegian or Air Berlin.
WOW Airline

WOW Cheap flights to Europe

Pick from WOW Airline
I describe how to find these cheap flights in my guide HERE
In Australia, you can check Jetstar, Fly Scoot or Virgin Australia.

Once in the Middle East, check Air Arabia.

You can find the list of budget airlines here

8. Multi-city search and adding layover or stop-overs

Many travelers prefer direct flights but why not to make an additional stop on your way, it is mostly free on some routes and you see one country extra.

Especially on longer flights, airlines have stops in their home base as Qatar Airways in Doha, TAP Portugal in Lisbon or Turkish Airlines in Istanbul, some of these airlines offer complimentary City Tour or even visa as Qatar Airways.
I have book a flight to Dubai with a stop in Doha with the 5-star airline, Qatar Airways that cost less than a flight with the budget airline, so I have paid EUR 280 instead of EUR 360.

9. Find the cheapest place to fly aka Cheap Random


Some of the flight search engines offer a simple way to find the cheapest flights, so called Anywhere or Anytime Search.

You will find this feature with Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights, Adioso and even Kayak.

Skyscanner Everywhere
Skyscanner Everywhere

Kayak Explorer and Anytime Map Explorer


10. Travel Hacking: Booking flights with travel credit


Travel hacking for cheaper flights means that you speed up the process of collecting miles, but a not traditional way that you fly a lot but with right travel cards.
If you live in the USA this method is for you, if you are in Europe, sorry.
Travel hacking seems to many travelers complicated, but even with simple steps like choosing the right travel credit card you can slash your flight ticket up to 90%
Flights for Miles (Award Flights) are best for international flights and first class flights, the first class ticket paid in cash costs sometimes 10 times more than economy flight, but if you pay with miles then you pay maybe 90% more.
With one travel credit card, it is possible to earn up to 75000 points that can be easily redeemed fort FREE international flight, you pay only taxes.

An easy way to get Your “FREE” flight:

1. Get your miles with rewards travel credit cards (airlines or banks), hotel rewards, car rental
2. Redeem your miles
3. Find your flight for miles, so called award flight
4. Book the super cheap economy or first class flight (you pay only taxes)

Take a look at this flight from LA to Madrid, you need as low as 30,000 miles and $21.40 for taxes…….not that bad
Cheap Award Flight

How to fly FIRST CLASS dirt cheap? Learn Here

11. Best Flight Deals with Fare Wars and Sales

Always watch out for January sales, I have found many amazing offers for cheap airfares
Sign up for some airline newsletter and as soon as they start they will send you an email.
Best Flight Deals

Subscribe to as many airliners as possible, but only to those who operates in your region.

Some airliners have also other flight ticket sales, like Airberlin Super Sunday Sale, Qatar Airways Valentine’s Day Specials or Ryanair Flash, where you only pay £2 for one-way.

I have shown you How to find and book insanely cheap flights to anywhere, anytime in 2017.

Take action and start to travel more, traveling is not as expensive as you think


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