How To Find and Book Cheap Flights to Miami, Dubai, London or Anywhere

Cheap Flights

How To Find and Book Cheap Flights to Miami, Dubai,

London or Anywhere


Tons of people are trying right now to book and find cheap flights to popular destinations like Dubai, London and Miami.


There are many ways to approach the task of getting cheap flight tickets, or at least to pay less.

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Let’s start with some basic rules.


Alway Clean the Cookies


Airline and travel agency websites use Internet cookies to their advantage. So while searching for your next dream destination flight, clean your computer cookies first.

I would also recommend you do your search from two different computers.

It is crazy, but it works.


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Be Flexible With Time and Place


Be flexible when booking the flights. This is the best way to get cheap flight tickets.


You might also consider taking into account nearby airports, because sometimes 50 km can save you hundreds of Euro. Flying to Vienna? Too expensive? Look for flights to nearby airports as Bratislava, Brno, Graz or Budapest.


Sign Up to Newsletters and Flight Alerts


Search airlines via Google and sign up to all the airlines’ hot deal alerts and subscribe to their newsletters. There are great flight deals and flight alerts on third party sites like, and


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Caribbean Beach

Dream Destination?


Smart Airticket Separation


Are you travelling from the USA to Europe to some hot destination like Marbella or Sardinia?


Direct flights can be costly, but in Europe there are plenty of low cost airlines like Ryanair or Wizz Air that can cover different destination from London, Cracow, Bratislava or Budapest quite cheaply, so consider landing in one of these airports.

Planning to visit arabic countries? Try to land in the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport where Air Arabia operates.


Frequent Flyer Program


Sign up for alliance frequent flyer programs. The biggest alliances are



Star Alliance 


World’s best flight experts, from 49$.



If you are not sure if you’re doing the right thing, there are plenty of kind people that will be glad to help you.

Head to Lonely Planet, Tripadvisor, Flyertalk or Australianfrequentflyer.


Travel Agents

I have overlooked this kind of help before, thinking that travel agents will find high price flights in order to get a higher commision for themselves from my airfare.

But last time, when I was looking for a flight  to Miami from Vienna and couldn’t find a price under 700 Euro (peak season), a travel agent found a flight under 450 Euro for me.


Low Cost Airlines

Always consider low cost or budget airlines, especially in Europe. You can often find great deals in Europe, but also in other countries like Azerbaijan, Egypt or Dubai.

You can check some low cost airline routes here


Cheap Flights to Anywhere? Do you have ideas for saving on flight tickets? Share with us.


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