Fifty Shades of Blue. Lefkada Island, the most fabulous crystal water beaches in Greece.

Fifty Shades of Blue. Lefkada Island, the most fabulous crystal water beaches in Greece

Lefkada sometimes also called Lefkas is definitely heaven on the Earth and the right place for beach hunters.
With a rich and wild history (colonised by the Corinthians, previously under Russo-Turkish and Venetian occupation) and probably the most breathtaking beaches in the world, visiting Lefkas is our secret tip for your next journey.

Lefkas is affectionately known as the ‘Caribbean of Greece’, this great island amazes visitors with the varying shades of blue that exemplify its beaches.


Spectacular beaches on the western coast of Lefkada, Greece, play with amazing colors and are surrounded by impressive landscape.
Reaching this small Greek Island by land is possible via Aktio–Preveza’s Undersea Tunnel, the one and only undersea tunnel in all of Greece, with a total length of 900 meters.

This Greek Island is connected to the mainland through a tiny bridge, so you do not need the ferry to access it.
The town of Lefkas welcomes you with the Venetian Castle of Agia Mavra (also known as Santa Maura).

Lefkada Greece
The island also offers a unique place of tranquility at the Lefkada Monastery of Faneromeni.
If you climb the surrounding hills, you can enjoy spectacular views over Lefkas and the surrounding turquoise sea.
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Enjoy the gardens, take a deep breath and relax.
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Maybe you heard about the most famous one, Porto Katsiki. Lefkada boasts such beaches as Blue Flagged Agios Loannis, Agiofili, popular Egremni, Kathisma, Milos, less crowded Gialos, Agios Nikitas, family friendly Pefkoulia, Kalamitsi (Kavalikefta), Skala Gialou, rocky Megali Petra and small but wonderful Tsoukalades beach.
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Have you seen such a beauty?
Agios Nikitas
Family Friendly Agios Nikitas
If you would prefer a local beach that doesn’t require a long drive, fantastic Gira Beach is close to the town of Lefkas.
Aghios Loannis, The ‘Blue Flag’ beach is only 1.5 km West of Lefkas Town offering windsurfing centre. You can spot abandoned windmills on the beach.
This tiny island has countless beach opportunities, and every beach on the island is known for its surrounding landscape and crystalline waters.

The beaches on Lefkas Island belong to the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea.

Always crystal clear.
Lefkada Beaches

Where does the sky start and the crystal blue water end?

Already dreaming about Lefkada and their beaches? Let us know about your visit!


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