Chasing the Pho. Authentic Vietnamese Food in Europe.

Chasing the Pho. Authentic Vietnamese Food in Europe

Asian, and especially Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese Food are spreading massively across Europe.
Popularity of dishes as Phò, Bún bò Nam Bộ, Pad Thai and Tom Kha Gai is increasing.


With great power comes great responsibility, but somehow Europe’s tailored Asian food is killing the fresh and authentic taste of Asia.

But the sun is always shining and there are still numerous authentic restaurants that satisfy foodies.
Traditional Vietnamese cuisine in Europe has a longer tradition as you would think, mostly in Eastern Europe.
During the time of Communism, communist countries allowed a kind of exchange program where people from one country would come to another, so countries in Eastern Europe welcomed people from China and Vietnam (also Cuba). Some of them stayed and brought with them their traditional cuisine.
Now you can find authentic Vietnamese food in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and France.
Prague, Czech Republic
This is a map where you can see a list of the Vietnamese bistros and restaurants in Prague.
Pho Bo
Some of the best are:
Hue Xua on Libusska Street, it has great soups and noodles as well as Bún Ốc and Bún bò Huế.
Another nice place with a little bit of fusion is Gao Den in Tlumacovska Street offering great Vietnamese dishes in a nice restaurant.
What about visiting small Hanoi in Prague?
Welcome to the Sapa Market. A unique small “city” in the heart of Europe.
Kindergarten, flight tickets to Asia, different kinds of shops, and of course Vietnamese food.
You can find everything here, from luxury restaurants to Vietnamese bistros or simple food stalls.
Check out some photos on Foursquare.
Another big hit are the guided food tours to Sapa, so this can also be an option.
Planning on visiting alone? Maybe this interactive Google Map will help.

Budapest, Hungary

Looking for best Pho soup in Budapest?
Try Hai Nam Pho Bistro an authentic Vietnamese Bistro that is a perfect place for tasty food; you can choose a menu item or one of their soups. They even have their own Pho called Világevő.
Dang Muoi will also please your senses, it is a small buffet with good prices and perfect food.
Quan Hoasen is probably the best place for a bowl of great Pho. This family restaurant is situated in Sárkány Center, Gyömrői street.
Vienna, Austria
Vienna offers such a fantastic choice of different ethnic cuisines.
Asian food representing places include places such as Thai Isaan, Li’s cooking, Akakiko, and Ra’mien.
The best of Vietnamese cuisine restaurants are Pho Saigon, Vietthao, and small Vietnam Bistro in Schonbrunnerstrasse.
Pho Saigon connects traditional and authentic dishes with modern interior.
Vietnam Bistro is a hidden gem with really good meals located near the wonderful Schonbrunner Palace – and the prices are great.
Vietthao has simple, tasty and fresh dishes.
Berlin, Germany
Europe is sometimes too conservative regarding food.
Vietnamese kitchen was also influenced by French cuisine so the baguette became part of Vietnamese cuisine also known as Bánh mì, Vietnamese Baguette.
Grab one of the well-known Banh Mi Xiu Mai, meatball sandwiches or Nem Nướng a sandwich with grilled pork patties.
In Prague, they are just starting to open up places, but in Berlin there are established places offering Banh Mi Delis.
Co-co on Rosenthaler Street offers the best of this great mix of French and Vietnamese cuisine.
How to end this article? Probably with the best places in Paris, France
If you are fed up with baguettes and need a culinary change of scenery, you can do so by visiting well-known Pho 14 or Xinh Xinh. Xinh Xinh comes with their excellent bo bun. Pho 14 offers… guess what? Yes, you are right, Pho Soup.
Do you like Vietnamese Food, Pho or Bo Bun? Let us know.


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