Carnival Cruise or Princess Cruises? How to save on a Cruise.

Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise or Princess Cruises? How to save on a Cruise.

Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise, Costa, Norwegian or Princess Cruises attract millions of people per year, who spend in the USA alone, a stunning $37.85 billion.
Cruising can be a great vacation experience, and sometimes allows you to save money compared to traditional holiday packages.
Here are some tips on how to save money when buying a cruise, and how to save during your stay on board.
Bon Voyage!
Pre-Cruising Saving Tips
Consider buying a plane ticket to your port of call (place where you board on a ship) separately from your cruise. Usually, it is much cheaper. Try to book your flight at least 50 days in advance.


Royal Caribbean
Check prices for your flight through several flight booking engines as Expedia or Skyscanner.
If you need a hotel, try websites such as Hotels or Hotelcombined, if you prefer accommodation more on budget you can use Hostelz or private accommodation via Airbnb.
Buying your Dream Cruise
Being flexible is the key to success. You can achieve the most savings by buying in advance or catching a last minute offer.
The best date is at least 60 days in advance. If you have already been on a cruise, then cruise lines will send you deals to your email address, and you can also request discounts for your next sea experience.
Going off-season helps you save a lot, for European Cruises (Mediterranean) try April or September and for Caribbean Experiences try April (or June when Hurricane Season starts).

Wave Season between January and March offers the best deals of the year.
Great last minute offers can start from 40 dollars a day without taxes; you just need to watch the deals and special offers.
Visit Expedia to find great valued sea trips.
Another website worth visiting is Cruisesheet where you can find deals with price per day.
Most of the prices do not include gratuities or taxes. Taxes are usually 10% of the cruise price; gratuities are about ten dollars per day.

Cost Per Day and On Board Credit are important parameters for you to keep in mind when deciding which stay is a better value.

Repositioning (most of them are Transatlantic) cruises give a great opportunity to get the best deals around. Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean are repositioning their ships from one destination to another; these are one-way sea journeys, for example from Europe to the Caribbean.
Repositioning cruise are often described as Discovery Voyage, Transition Cruises or Relocation Cruises, One-Way, Transatlantic, or Panama Canal Cruises.


Cruise lines

MSC Cruises offers reasonable rates around the Mediterranean, offering fitness classes, cinemas, pools, and gratuities included in price.

MSC also allows up two kids, under 18 years, to sail with you for free.

If your family prefers lively atmosphere and fun then head out on Carnival; they offer low-cost cruising with big discounts. All you can eat pizza or hamburgers throughout the day, ice cream and select free juice, swimming pools, water slides, and mini golf are offered for free.

Norwegian competes with Carnival, offering specialty restaurant meals costing around $5.

Carnival Cruises

Disney Lines are not cheap, but they offer a high rate of customer satisfaction. Tailored for families, and offering Disney’s youth clubs, which are considered a great babysitting alternative.
If you plan on cruising without kids, you should opt for Princess or Holland America.
Royal Caribbean keeps rates low and offers plenty of onboard activities.
Luxury lines like Silversea, Regent Seven Seas or Seabourn include all restaurants, bottled water, specialty coffees, soft drinks, premier liquors, some shore excursions and gratuities in basic fare.

Food and Drinks

The majority of lines offer all inclusive dinning with buffets and restaurant.

Hamburgers, pizza, soft ice and some soft drinks are offered free. The menus in the dining room consist of an appetizer, soup, main dish, and desert and can be ordered more than once.
Avoid specialty restaurants and specialty coffee to save your money.


Alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and spirits are almost never included in the base price, and buying onboard can be costly.
Luxury lines include some alcoholic beverages in their basic rates.
Some cruise lines allow you to bring some bottled water and wine with you on the ship.
You can also buy beverages packages to optimize your savings, but you need to compare whether it is worth that price.
Onboard Shops

Shiny jewelry and souvenirs are tempting during the voyage; try to resist.

Professional Photos
Pictures taken by a professional photographer onboard can cost up to twenty dollars.
Instead, take your own camera with you.

Shore excursions

You can save up to 50% when you will book a shore excursion on your own via web or independently at the port.
Try travel agent website or some local guide tours


Caribbean Islands
In Europe, you can join some tours for free; you can find out more here Plan your EuroTrip

Get the best Cruise Deals


Casino lovers should watch their wallets. Casinos are one way cruise lines earn more money on a voyage. Save your money rather for some on-shore experiences.

Massages and Spas

Spas treatments are often offered discounted on the first-day and during days at port.

Internet and Phone Calls

The best thing you can do is turn off data, switch off the cell phone, and enjoy the voyage…
Internet rates vary from 50 cents up to 1 dollar per minute. If you prefer to stay connected, buy the highest package.

Phone calls onboard ships are pricey.

Most of the ships are cell phone-friendly, and the roaming costs depend on your home carrier rates. You can use Skype if you have a flat-rate data plan, or you can buy and use a local SIM card if you are on-shore.

If you can connect via WIFI while on-shore, do it. Many coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping malls offer this option. You can use international roaming SIM card while traveling.

Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruises or Silver Sea? What is your experience with cruising? Let me know.


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