16 Best Food Apps and Websites for Foodie Travelers

16 Best Food Apps and Websites for Foodie Travelers

Few years ago nobody knew about Foodie Travelers. They existed, but they moved around the world in secret and enjoying all the new tastes and smells.
Food Apps


Today, multiculturalism has changed local and national cuisine, allowing us to experience new food without the need to travel so intensively.


But the world is small enough and a great dinner has a much different atmosphere in Paris than in our favorite French restaurant at home. Likewise, Greek salad tastes much better in sunny Greece with a breathtaking view beachside.

Avid foodies + travelers, these food apps and websites will help you dive deeper into local tastes and find the best restaurants and food stalls.

Plate Culture
Authentic kitchens and interesting people. Vietnamese or Indian Cuisine? Or perhaps fusion?

Plate Culture
Meal Sharing
Meals don’t always have to be perfect. The best dining experiences are also about those people eating with you. Be open and enjoy local food from friendly locals inviting you into their homes.
Hearty home cooked meals.

Eat like the locals with the locals. French cuisine, Mexican or simple vegan Asian cuisine.
Meet new people and have once in a lifetime experiences.

Eat With
Eat St.
Find delicious street food in North America. You can also find some street vendors recipes.

It is not easy to be vegetarian and eat outside of your home. This App will help you to find restaurant listing in your area. Vegan restaurants are also on the list.

Simply great. It is more than easy; simply enter your zip or city name into the search and Voilà! It provides you an extensive restaurant list.
You can use different filters to deeply specify your search
Local Eats
Authentic food and authentic locals. Thai, Malaysian or Italian.

The same Foursquare with a fresh design. You can find great coffee or steak houses according to other people’s review and photos.

Dinner parties around the globe! Simple ideas and home cooked meals. The table is ready.

Small foodie guide with the best picks in Hanoi, Chiang Mai or New Orleans. Each location has own curator.

Evernote Food
Discover the best restaurants in your area or just simply collect the best dishes you have cooked at home or have enjoyed in your favorite restaurants.

Well-known ultimate foodie guide. Search the map for the best restaurants in your current area.
Find the best Stelze or Tafelspitz in Vienna easily.
Are you a foodie traveler, but don’t want to learn through your own mistakes? You can try a food tour. Easy and convenient way to taste the flavors of the city and enjoy local specialties. Try ethnic cuisine or local delis.
What about Food Truck Tour?

Peek Food Tours
Don’t Eat at
Sometimes it’s better to stay hungry. Get alerts about the worst NYC restaurants.

Like a Local
The best way how to skip tourist traps is to have a local guide.

Find the best restaurants in USA or Canada.

What are your tried and trusted Food Apps and Websites? Give us your tips!


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