Best Beaches in Florida. South Beach Miami?

Best Beaches in Florida. South Beach Miami?

Best Beaches in Florida?
Bradenton, Holmes, St Pete, Naples, Bonita, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Meyers, Cocoa, Sanibel or Clearwater beach?

Note: Beaches around Destin and Panama City have not been visited. Otherwise, they would be included.

Florida is the ultimate beach destination, covered in about 1200 miles of coastline.
If you looking for sun, beach, and fun the Sunny State of Florida in the USA is the perfect destination.

Let‘s have a closer look and by the end we will have found the 3 best beaches in Florida, the trendiest, nicest, and funniest one.

Every part of the coast offers superb beaches, and it is really hard to point out which ones are the best. If you are young and plan to have some fun for spring break, you will probably choose Fort Lauderdale.
Because of its proximity to Miami, you can consider Fort Lauderdale as a cheaper option for your stay. Its location with also offer you the chance to discover other beaches that are close such as Hollywood. The beaches here are sandy with dark blue waters and some nice waves, but definitely not in top 3.
Fort Lauderdale
Spring break in Fort Lauderdale?

Great option close to Miami is Hallandale and ever nice Hollywood Beach.
Hollywood, Florida‘s boardwalk stretches for nearly two and a half miles along the Atlantic Ocean filled with rollerblades, bicyclists, and people enjoying the seaside lunch in top notch restaurants.

I prefer the Florida Keys for their great fishing, diving, and lazy days on boats. As a beach vacation, it would not be the best choice, but for the other options the FL Keys are stunning.
Key West will get you under your skin with all of its fabulous atmosphere and charm, but probably not because of its beaches.
Key West
Along the Gulf Coast of Florida, you will also find wonderful beaches and surrounding locations.
Around Sarasota the Siesta Key Beach, Naples offers a nice piece of coast.
Tampa area will definitely get you with St. Pete and Clearwater Beaches.

Sanibel Island and its beaches are great for having a nice time with your family, enjoying a great picnic or spending time on the water astride a jet ski.
The Sanibel sands are covered with sea shells.
And the Beach
Sanibel Beach

Here are the best beaches in Florida

Bonita Beach
Not that far from the charming and romantic city of Naples, you can reach Bonita Beach. You can enter this beach from access 1 to 9.
Bonita Beach Park offers a variety of amenities as shelters, restrooms, and grills.
Bonita Beach
Bonita has a great stretch of beach, where everyone can find enough peace and quiet for their day on the beach. With shallow water, it is really suitable for children and bad swimmers.
Naples Beach
The water is pristine and clear.
Best Beaches in Florida
Be careful when entering the sea, because sometimes the white sand covers small sharp sea shells.
You can also find some wonderful sea shells here.
Feed up with the sun and the beach? Take a nice long walk along the sea or explore the area a bit and discover these wonderful neighborhoods.
Florida Beaches
Lots of parking is available and it costs about $2 per hour.
Anna Maria Island Beaches – Manatee Public Beach
Another hidden gem in Florida is the Anna Maria Island Beaches – Manatee Public Beach.
The numbers of amenities (free restrooms and showers) are limited, but enough to spend a wonderful day at the beach.
Bigger waves make this beach a lot of fun for hours. Normally, you don’t meet crowds here and parking is FREE.
Anna Maria Island
Beach is clean and well kept.
This is also a great spot for families to enjoy lunch by the sea.
Lovely beach and crystal clear water.
Manatee Public Beach
Miami Beach – South Beach

Welcome to Miami, bienvenido a Miami.

Trendy South Beach in Miami brings your dream of the perfect beach to life.
The iconic pastel-colored deco lifeguard stands compete with white sand and blue water.
Enough shoreline to avoid the crowds.
Great restaurants along the seashore and top hotels, trendy people, and stunning night life.
South Beach Miami
Turquoise water changes colors as the sun move across the sky.
Perfect beach for children and non-swimmers.
Florida Miami
Miami and South Beach are a hot location both day and night.
You can finish the perfect day off on Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive. Dive into the crowds, enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy a fabulous dinner and the exhilarating party in clubs and lounges around the city.
Best Beaches in Florida? Name your own. Share your best tips.


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