Belgian Chocolate Tours and Beyond. Fascinated Chocolate World.

Belgian Chocolate Tours and Beyond. Fascinated Chocolate World

Besides discovering the history, best beaches, and culture, all of my trips also focus on great food and specialties, like chocolate.

The roots of the chocolate are as many know based in Aztec and Olmec civilizations.
Aztecs enjoyed their chocolate as a drink, called Xocolatl, with little addition of chili pepper.

Chocolate first came to Europe with Columbus and later spread from Spain to the rest of Europe.
Innovations in processing allowed for the changes in texture and taste.

In Europe, brands such as Sprung and Lindt, Nestle and Cadbury wrote the history of cocoa beans in European society.


Chocoversum by Hachez in Germany

Many countries in Europe have their own chocolate specialties such as Toblerone in Switzerland, Mozartkugeln in Austria, Kinder Chocolate in Italy, Studentska Pecet in Czech Republic or Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells.
Chocolate is gaining popularity all over the world, and health claims about all of the natural antioxidants in chocolate are also helping to spread the word.

Who cares?

The main reason is the taste.

A taste that pleases your soul and makes your brain crave more. It is the ultimate comfort food.
The chocolate capital of Europe is Belgium, so every journey’s start should be there.
In Belgium alone, there are more than 2000 chocolate shops.
In fact, in Belgium chocolate is presented as a gourmet item.

Visit to chocolate museums and manufacturing factories across Europe can easily be arranged on one’s own

There are also plenty of shops that include tours as a part of their marketing strategy.

You can start with Choco-Story, a chocolate museum that you can find in Bruges (Brugge in Dutch), Brussels, and also Prague.

Choco Story

Another place for Belgian chocolate fans is the museum of Cocoa and Chocolate in Brussel

Chocolate demonstrations are the best way to discover the tasty world of chocolate.
Probably the best place to visit in Brussel is Planete Chocolat.

You can attend a demonstration combined with a tasting. The show takes about 40 minutes and the cost is about 7 Euros.

Concept Chocolate offers classic tours of manufacturing facilities where personalised chocolates and pralines are produced.

In Brugges, you can try Roose’s Chocolate World.

If you prefer guided tours, you can try Chocolate Workshop Brusells. However, the cost is a hefty 70 Euro, and you can buy a lot of chocolate for that price. If you do decide to take a tour, tasting is included in the tour price.
Milka Welt
Milka Welt (World) Munich
Milka World
Austria is less known for its chocolate manufacturing, but Austrians are also well connected with the world of chocolate.

What about the famous chocolate Sachertorte or the original Salzburger Mozartkugel? Have you tried them already?
Chocolate Manufacturer Hauswirth is located on the border of Slovakia, in Kittsee.

Why not try their fruit covered in Chocolate or Rum-Coconut balls?

They offer the chance to visit the plant and view the production facilities. There is a minimum of 20 people required for the tour, but you can easily reach these numbers in summer during school holidays.

The sweetest and the most chocolatiest museum in Austria, the Heindl museum, is located in Vienna.

Here you can visit chocolate workshops and explore Heindl’s history. It is known for being the chocolate manufacturer producing chocolate specialties from Austria such as famous Sissi Taler, Mozartkugeln, and Mozart Herzen.

Once in Vienna, you can also look at the workshops at Xocolat, but they are quite costly at about 90 Euros.

Another experience worth exploring is Choco Shop Theatre at Chocolate Factory Zotter in Riegersburg, Austria.

It is known as the only manufacturer who makes chocolates starting from the bean with a commitment to fair trade and organic quality.

If you plan to buy some, they also offer vegan and lactose-free versions.
Dark, Milky or White? What is your favorite chocolate?


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