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Hungry for Travel


Miro and Mirko. Dad and son. Passsionate travellers.



Miro has travelled to 3 continents, over 35 countries and over 250 cities.



Mirko has travelled to 3 continents, over 18 countries and over 100 cities.



We love the great beaches in Europe and the Caribbean.


Historical Sites

Italy, Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe have historical sites that are truly amazing and educational.


Theme Parks

Great fun was had at popular theme parks in Austria, the USA, Germany and France.


Road Trips

Our road trips through Europe, Florida, Turkey, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia gave us numerous experiences we’ll remember and tell tales about for years to come.



Food is also our passion. We’ve heartily devoured Kebabs, Crepes, Hamburgers, Pide, Gyros, Baklava, Wiener Schnitzel, Rissoti, Seafood, great Asian cusine, and fatty but delicious Hungarian, Czech and Slovak Cusine.

We are always hungry for travelling, and sharing our experiences.


Why don’t you fly, eat and travel around the world with us?