25 Photos of Italy that make you say Mamma Mia

25 Photos of Italy that make you say Mamma Mia


Bella Italia. Great food, passionate people, and wonderful country.

For me, Italy means the art of living your life with passion.
There are still many places I haven’t visited because there is such a huge variety of things to do and discover.

Wonderful beaches in Sicily, Capri, Calabria, and Sardegna; shopping with style in Milan; falling in love in Venezia or Rome; the perfect skiing in Sudtirol or pleasing your soul in Tuscany.

Sorrento Italien
Sorrento, stop and enjoy. Take the stairs down.


And come to the beach.


Isola Capri, celebrity hotspot and stunning view.

Discover Capri from above, and eat something in a wonderful little bakery.


Capri Italien
Isn’t it great?

Isla de Capri

Capri Italy

Wind your way down on Via Krupp.


And find this splendid beach.
Pompeii, an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples. Pompeii and Herculaneum were mostly destroyed and buried under a layer of ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.


Visiting the sleeping Volcano (but for how long?).

Vesuvio Volcano

Vesuvio crater


City has been preserved for centuries.

Pompeii Italy

Still Beautiful.

Naples Italy

Pompeii Volcano
Only for adults, every city has its own secrets.

Pompeii Vesuvio

Pompeii Ruins

Every house needs a dog, mankind’s oldest friend.


Rome is one big historical monument; everywhere you look and go, history will find you.


Rome Italy


Games and Bread; Gladiators fighting for freedom and fame.


Colosseo – Some monuments take breath away
Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens

Every ways lead to Rome or maybe away from Rome.

Can you count all the colors of Burano and Murano Islands?


Bring some color into your life.

St Marks Square

Water Taxi please – Venedig.

Would you like to live on the water?

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, Venice

Wanna ride?


What is your most beloved city in Italy? Let me know.



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